S’mores And More

by on 10/12/2014

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What could be more closely related to family camping and the fun that you can have than making and eating S’mores? That thick, gooey, rich and delicious chocolatey, marshmallow treat which sticks to your face and makes your tummy smile! Good stuff. You say you have never tried one before? You don’t know what you are missing!


They can’t be any simpler, start a fire (or light a couple of candles), let it burn down to coals, roast the marshmallow, slap it on top of the chocolate and graham crackers and eat. That’s all.

Here is a video to give you a better idea if you like.

But sometimes a little variety is good for the soul and your taste buds. So let me ask you, have you ever tried a caramel s’more? It is a close cousin to the classic original s’more. The twist is using caramel filled chocolates instead of plain chocolate bars. MMM Good!

Another great sounding variation on a theme is a Caramel Apple S’more.

As before, get a fire going and let it die down (coals are the secret to good s’mores) but this time, add a couple of caramel filled chocolates onto to your marshmallow roasting fork along with your marshmallow.

The chocolate and the marshmallow will heat at different speeds, so it may take a bit of practice. The idea is to time it so that the marshmallow gets brown at just about the same time as the chocolates begin to melt. When that happens, slide the marshmallows and chocolates onto one slice of green apple. Top the concoction with one more slice of apple and enjoy.

If minty fresh flavor is more your style why not try a Mint S’more?

The twist with this treat is to use two brownie squares instead of graham crackers. You’ll roast the marshmallow as before, but you will also heat the brownie squares enough to melt some mint flavored chocolate over the brownie. When everything is good and soft, slap the parts together.

S’mores are such a simple campfire treat and it is truly hard to go wrong with this camping recipe. Stay tuned for more S’more recipes as I discover them!