Camping Headlamps-How To Light Up Your Night

by on 10/12/2014

Camping Headlamps Solve A Big Problem.

One big problem that many campers, boaters, fisherman and hunters run into is trying to see what they are doing at night. When it is pitch black outside you obviously need light to see. That is what camping headlamps are designed for.

Now granted, flashlights will and do work quite well. They come in all kinds of sizes and configurations. Everything from small pencil size ones up to monstrous floodlight types that could literally give you a nice tan.

But flashlights tend to have two drawbacks. One is that you need to hold the flashlight in one hand while doing what you need to with your other. This is fine if the job only requires one hand, but what if it is a two handed operation? It is a little hard to set up a tent or to connect a sewer hose one handed.

If you get someone else to hold the flashlight and they actually keep the light where it is needed…Great! But usually the other person holding the flashlight is one of your kids. When that happens, you are more likely to have your flashlight either shining in your eyes or in the treetops where you don’t want it.

Lanterns are great for providing lots of light and can usually be set nearby to give you light. But often that light is too much or worse the light is coming from behind you and now your work area is in your shadow.

A headlamp for camping solves two problems. First it frees up both of your hands so that you can do what is needed. No more trying to balance the flashlight and connect parts together at the same time. The second is that the light is aimed right where you need it. Not shining in the treetops!

Don’t get me wrong, many kids can be real big helps when it comes to something as simple as holding a light. But when you are in a hurry like when it is pouring down rain, you need that light to hold still. The light from a camping headlamp will do just that.

Luckily, there are quite a few manufacturers of these headlamps. Companies like Petzl, Energizer, Black Diamond, Princeton Tec and others. They all make camping headlamps with lots of models and features to choose from for your family camping trip.

Features such as 3 and 4 LED bulb lighting systems, lithium batteries that allow for extended running time between charges, adjustable positioning of the light, water resistance to a depth of about 6 feet and often a red light or lens to let you still see but not so that it is disturbing to others.

Camping or fishing aren’t the only times or places that headlamps could be useful. How many times can you picture using them at home? How about when you are cleaning out your attic or working under the hood of your car. They could be really great when the power goes out. Ever drop something in the grass outside your house at night? I wish I had one of these lights for every time that has happened to me.

So the next time that you need some light to see what you are doing, you may want to consider a headlamp for some of your camping lighting needs!